Readers Love the Malarkey of Truth

No Taste

I have tried your plok on a number of occasions and find it is not to my tastes.

A Mistake

Your readers seem to be mostly male, but your brilliance can be appreciated by all the sexes.

A Ghost of Facebook

I appear to be invisible. On June 2020, I decided I had enough of Facebook which become a place where you will find more stress than joy, more hate than love. At least that was my experience. I belonged to several innocuous groups. Some of those could be...

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Facebook Is on Life Support to Me

Well, I up and did it. I quit Facebook. Well, almost. I decided that Facebook has become an ugly place to spend any time except for specific groups or pages that bring pleasure. Unfortunately, the way Facebook is set up you can't be invisible to your Fac...

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The Bottom Feed

Cain't Touch That


Cain't Touch That

These are trying times. Yes, I have my opinions about those who are trying us. No, I'm not going to reveal them. Yet.

Cain't Touch That Either


Cain't Touch That Either

A volatile subject in these times. I'll let you know what I think once everyone comes to his and her senses.

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