I collect TV show and movie action figures. I even have one musician action figure - Iggy Pop; that's right, the godfather of punk. Up until a few months ago I kept the figures in their original packaging and stored away. What fun is that?

In the meantime I am doing web and marketing work for an upcoming web series called Naught for Hire; a sci-fi, detective, dramedy, noir piece starring sci-fi superstar Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who). Graphic artist Jason Moore created an image for the lead character of the show Nick Naught wearing a black suit and trench coat. Looks cool I thought. How would that look as an action figure? Cool of course. This idea led to my first encounter with kitbashing.

So what exactly is kitbashing?

It is the art, process, hobby, however you want to describe it, of creating new action figures from multiple action figures to create a new version of one. This can be as simple as taking accessories from one figure and using them with another orthe spirit af exchanging pieces of clothing cameron mitchell afbetween figures to as complex as creating your own accessories or clothing.

How could I go about creating this action figure from scratch I had no idea. Then lightning struck and I discovered there was a 1/6th scale (11.5 inches high) action figure for one of Ben Browder's characters Cameron Mitchell of Stargate SG-1 (seasons 9 and 10). But he was in military dress, now what. At the same time, I found the Mitchell figure I came across another action figure called The Spirit. Ah! The Spirit had the black trench coat and fedora that I needed for the start of the Nick Naught action figure. I then discovered that there is a huge market selling clothing and accessories for 1/6 scale figures. Eventually, I found the other items I needed to complete my kitbashed action figure.

This process can become quite costly when you get caught up in it so if you are thinking of giving it a try, be careful how caught up you get.