Ever since I was a kid, one of my favorite foods was mashed potatoes. Still is. They are what I look forward to on every holiday.

Over the years I have spent many a holiday at home, alone, by choice. Not being pouty and self-pitying; I just like to be by myself on holidays instead of with a room full of people whose names I cannot remember; even if I met them the year before. The potatoes are my comfort.

This year my brother will be with me for the day; actually, he'll probably be with me forever, but that's another story. We will have golden Yukon mashed potatoes, white baby kernel corn, Brussel sprouts, vegetarian stuffing and pumpkin something with whipped cream on it.

The next day we will both go on a diet. I have to ready myself to meet a new doctor next year so I can't fool around with my extra poundage. It would not look good with an examination gown.


It's December 30 and I still haven't opened my presents. Well, except for one box of chocolates.

Those couldn't wait while drinking red wine.

There is a reason why the presents haven't been opened yet; waiting for the folks who most of those presents are for and sharing the fun of everyone opening theirs together. An advantage of waiting is being able to get forgotten, overlooked, late to arrive, and spur of the moment stuff before the unwrapping begins. 


Almost forgot. That's a helluva thing.

Today is supposed to be National Wine Day. According to whose calendar, I have no idea.

Maybe it was an act of Congress since there is nothing else that's important going on in our country. Oh dear. Was that political? Was that whining?

Actually, I have nothing to whine about except I haven't seen the Avengers movie yet. I was going to go to the matinee today but am a bit under the weather - not that I'm whining about it though.

Let's whine about today's music - Lady Gaga - wah, Justin Bieber - wah, rappers - wah. So I'm listening to some oldies: Dave Clark 5, Kinks, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Eartha Kitt. Then I'm going to take a nap.