What do the following have in common?

Good Morning America, Perry Mason, Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, The Closer and Ghost Whisperer. They comprise the TV show lineup for a dull day at home.

Sometimes a little of something is not enough. But when is enough enough or too much?

I just woke up from 11 1/2 hours of sleep. It that enough? Not sure. Still want to go back to bed.

Two big pots of coffee? Not enough. Need a pot of espresso too.

I'm on call for jury duty for 30 days in February; Federal District Court.

It makes no difference that I was on county jury duty last March, but at least I was only on call for a week for that. There are not many people here so the likelihood of ending up on an actual jury is good. Bummer.

I decided to DNA test my dog just out of curiosity. I used Embark Vet for the test.  He is a mixed-breed rescue who the shelter where I got him identified his as shorthair Chihuahua x Cocker Spaniel mix. I thought, "OK, whatever". But I still was curious as to his breed lineage.

After many days of training over a period of thirteen weeks, I had to send my dog Wiley to reform school.

No, it's not a bad place but he will hopefully be reformed through proper training and setting up a routine. When I got him two years ago, one of the first things I did was to get him some basic training. He had a few commands already installed back then but it was a weird mix of not too common commands one would associate with a one year dog.

Whoa! This is one ugly building I'm sitting outside of.

Waiting for my brother who's at an appointment. I have seen uglier buildings but this one is possibly on the top of the list of the ugly buildings in an office park category. Maybe an imaginative paint job would help it out. Right now it's just an ugly beige washed out by the bright and hot Sacramento sun.

My California city waste disposal management company (garbage company) provides three bins for waste disposal - trash, compost, recycle. My brother calls this Too Many Bins.

Too Many Bins makes simple things not so simple. I mean you just want to take out the trash, right... why so difficult?



It's the little things in life that can sometimes really get to you.

Not that they are life altering things, maybe they can be called annoyances.

I switched out kitchen cupboard contents over a month ago; right next to each other. Cups and glasses on one side are now on the other.

It was a dark and stormy night.

OK, so it wasn't. It was a wet evening after a rainy afternoon at about 6 pm in mid-January when I saw him. I was driving to the store and had to hit the brakes because he was coming right at me. He stopped in front of the stopped car and just stared at the headlights. I was obvious he needed help so I jumped out of the car, grabbed him and put him on the floor of the car. I continued my drive to the store and he never moved; I assumed he was hungry and thirsty after his bad adventure and he ate and drank what I put out for him. That's the story of how I got Little Man. Little Man is either pure or mixed Shih Tzu.