I have some friends in Sacramento, CA that I don't remember meeting or possibly have never met.

Oh sure, I know some of them from Facebook and an old TV show online forum that I used to hang out on, but those are names and not necessarily faces I know. I think some of them know me by reputation; is that good or bad?

On one of the forums I hung out on I had a reputation with one person who thought I stepped out of bounds at least once. After what I thought was a humorous post, she wrote on the forum, in public view, that I was contemptuous.

Me? Little old Mr. Nice Guy? Contemptuous? I will use some sarcasm on occasion but I wouldn't call it contemptuous. I'd call it a great opening for some funny and witty dialogue. I pleaded my case to the 'jury' of forum moderators and they all agreed that my remark was indeed contemptuous. Do you want to know what my comment was? OK, here it is:

"Why would anyone still be using Hotmail?"

Scandalous! If you would judge my attempt at this humorous question as contemptuous, maybe you might look up that word in your Funk and Wagnell.

Anyway, I keep trying to get to Sacramento to partake in a late lunch with friends I know by name only, but it seems there is always a reason why I can't make it. This weekend it might be because of a new cat adoption. Don't tell anyone though.