Have you ever looked at your everyday face in the mirror closely?

What's your mouth look like? Is it a frown? Are you surprised?

I've been frowning for about 40 years and my mouth seems to be stuck in that expression permanently. Remember when your mother told you your face would get stuck that way if you made a face?

There's a saying that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. That's debatable but let me tell you that it sure as hell hurts to artificially keep that smile going after so many years of frowning. 

I tried an experiment last week where I tried to keep smiling for a 30 mile trip from my place to The Big City. I managed to keep the smiling going for most of the trip, and looked like a complete idiot doing it, and my face sure did hurt by the time I got to The City. To ease the effort I tried singing along to the stereo with my frown turned upside down and what a surprise, I was actually feeling happy by the time I got to The City. As a bonus, I said about 75% less bad things about the other drivers on the road. 

Another way to stress less when driving is to play the Volkswagen game. Also known as the Punch Buggy game, the object is to spot Volkswagen Bugs on the road, call out Punch Buggy and the color of the VW then punch the arm of the person you are playing with.

You can also play this game less violently by yourself by merely spotting any kind of Volkswagen and just calling out the color. Believe it or not you might find that this distracts you from the other idiots on the road and makes for a less stressful drive. Keep your eyes on the road though while playing.