It appears that I am invisible.

In June 2020 I decided that I had had enough of Facebook. It has become a place where you will find more stress than joy, more hate than love. At least that was my experience. I belonged to a number of innocuous groups but even some of those could be toxic places thanks to some group individuals.

In addition to leaving the toxicity behind I also had to leave friends behind. Although I extended my hand to stay in touch with my friends via text or email, few took me up on the offer. When I say few, I mean about three people. Was I toxic to them? I know I had a few angry moments on Facebook but overall I behaved myself.

The breaking point that convinced me to leave stemmed from people I went to high school with who were supportive of a monster in the Whitehouse and angry about people asking for equal civil rights. They were also outraged that their favorite racist stereotypes were being removed from products that they grew up with. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Bottom line, I am invisible to the world because I am not on Facebook anymore. That's a sad state of affairs.