Losing another cousin.

Genealogy is all fun and games until you start losing the people you've met while climbing the family tree.

A recently found second cousin on my dad's mom's side has just gone into hospice. I spoke with him earlier this year on the phone when he told me about his Agent Orange cancer. The docs gave him a year to four remaining. He's a veteran of the Vietnam War, a Chaplin. He recently retired and now this is his reward?

I forget how we met on the genealogy scene but he called me out of the blue to say, "Hey Cousin!". We've spoken a few times on the phone and written via email. I was able to supply him with some photos of his grandfather and also records showing his father's' stint in the services during World War II.

Since he lives in Phoenix, which isn't exactly close but also not exactly far away, I thought we'd get a chance to meet face-to-face. I guess it's not to be.