I really like math but math doesn't like me.

In college, I took a math class in Matrices. I think I got a C or B in it but I really enjoyed being beaten down into the ground with the challenge. I'm not nearly as happy about being beaten down by The Matrix AKA medical care in the county help system. Through a series of goof-ups, I luckily found two medical people who are helping tremendously.


Brand new sweater, whiney cat who wants immediate attention: there's only one outcome to that.
The End.

Of the sweater, I mean. Still love the cat but he got a stern lecture from me. I find stern lectures more effective than screaming and yelling. You'd be surprised what results you can get with the former.
I used to be a yeller and it got a lot of results where something like customer service was involved. But it would really wind me up and then it would take a long time to get unwound. Now, for inexplicable reasons, I am calm about how I deal with things.

Health insurance: don't have a medical crisis without it.

Earlier this week I sat in a free mental health care clinic for six hours with someone who needed help. It was the only place we could find near us that would help people with no job, no cash, no insurance, no nothing, to get needed mental health care.

The Social Services Building in Hayward: not sure who or what designed it.

There are rooms within rooms that are counters that are rooms where there isn't actually a counter or a room. Messy.

Not only is the whole process of signing up for social services confusing, so is knowing what room or counter you should be standing in or at.

I have a brilliant idea: how about the people who designed the process and made the floor plan, use the mess they have created.

Getting help when you are broke is a full time job.

The small amount of help you get, I guess you could consider to be like some payment for the time spent. That might seem cynical to folks who think people should not get help even though through circumstances not necessarily of their making they find themselves in a position where they need financial assistance outside of a job. Put yourself in the position of developing a medical condition where you lose your job. Then imagine that because of your condition you can't get a job. Add to that that because of your medical circumstances, you cannot collect unemployment over losing your job because you aren't available to work on doctor's orders.

But wait, there's more,

Last time we spoke about thinking it was about Oblique Thinking. I'm all for that. Not enough obliquity in the world.

But today I've been thinking about overthinking. I don't remember what made me think about it but I'll try. I do know I was talking to a friend when I thought about it. I even made a note on my notepad now that I think about it. 

Two days in a row now I've had the feeling that people think I'm not where I should be but they know I should be.

Went to a standing Wednesday appointment yesterday and the joe at the reception desk was looking at like he was wondering what I was doing there. I asked him if I was supposed to be there and he affirmed that I was. Today, I took my brother to his regular appointment and was sure it was the right day and time. It was but when the person with whom the appointment is with came out into the waiting room and saw my brother, she looked around the room as if she were looking for another person who maybe was supposed to be here.

Sometimes I can't get my sentence tenses right, so forgive me.

Another day, another mental health clinic.

Found a new place run by the county for mental health services. We were referred there from an emergency mental health clinic funded by the county. If not for these services, I'm sure I would go crazy.

Got there at 9 AM for a scheduled appointment after getting lost finding the place and not being lost but not seeing the clinic building. The address number is 409 but we saw a gasoline station poster for gas at $4.09. I think that's what distracted us from seeing the address number on the building. I'm very bad at comprehending directions to places, so that added to the confusion.