Well, I up and did it. I quit Facebook. Well, almost.

I decided that Facebook has become an ugly place to spend any time except for specific groups or pages that bring pleasure. Unfortunately, the way Facebook is set up you can't be invisible to your Facebook friends and still visit your groups and pages. If I could do that then that's what I'd do.

Yes, I'm a ruminator.

My little inside voice never seems to hold its virtual tongue. But how often has that ruminating voice in your head come up with better solutions, jokes, comebacks, sarcastic remarks, than your out loud voice?

When I have conversations with my ruminating self, it's not just boring stream of consciousness stuff. I can actually engage myself in fairly complex conversations, debates, and heated arguments. But when it comes down to it, I regularly agree with my ruminations.

Malarkey may be the Word of the Year.

Each year the American Dialect Society (ADS) members vote for the Word of the Year. For 2012, the word Malarkey is up there with some other choice words or phrases of 2012. If you join ADS, you can actually vote for the word you think merits Word of the Year.

While Vice President Joe Biden is given the honor of rediscovering the word Malarkey, we all know the truth - The Malarkey of Truth. We revived the word. Or maybe Malarkey Roofing did. Who knows, but I'm sure Biden can't be given all the credit.

The end of December is that confusing time of the year when people start saying "See you next year".

But they will actually see you a few days after January 1st. It makes me feel unstuck in time.

Well, next year I'm getting my annual checkup this week. See how weird that is?

But back to the next year thing, I'll be writing to you next year, next month, next week.

Let's get straight to the point.

There are words I like and words I don't like and words that confuse me and a common word I can't spell. This list is not all-inclusive; I might add more.

Words I like: salubrious, ennui, rapture, loquacious, verbose.

Words I do not like: astonish, tantalize.

Words that confuse me: dearth, prurient, proscribed.

Words I can never spell correctly (inclusive): occasion, occassion, ocassion (one of these might be the correct spelling).

What are your words?

When I was a kid...

Oh no! Not one of those lectures. Sure, why not.

When I was a kid we were taught that when we referred to someone else and ourselves in the same sentence we should always put the reference to ourselves second, like this: "Thanks for supporting Joe and me", not, "Thanks for supporting 'me and Joe'. It seems that the selfishness in our society is now expressed in grammar in addition to it being expressed in so many other ways.

I decided to try taking off a half-month from Facebook. And I'm here to tell you all about it, as little as there is to tell.

You can do it too. I missed nothing really. Mr. Brother was telling me about some things going on on FB and I didn't find myself excited to take a look. I usually get a small amount of news from there too but I also cut the news off my radar and did not miss any of it.

In an update to our Word of the Year article, we announce the winner that the American Dialect Society (ADS) announced recently.

Determined by a vote of the ADS membership, you had your chance grumblers, the 2012 word of the year is 'Hashtag' (#). If you're not in the know, the hashtag is used in Twitter to bring attention to a subject mentioned in a Tweet. It's also a frequently used symbol in computer programming.

Maybe next year the Word of the Year won't be malarkey.

Life is full of contradictions.

I'm not admitting it for myself but do you suffer from eye, brain, fingers disagreement syndrome that affects your typing? I'm sure there's a pill for that, or an app.

OK, I admit it, I have the syndrome but I don't have the pill or app.