Dearth always sounds like a lot to me but of course, it's actually very little of something. Like a dearth of anything to say.

The synonym paucity also sounds like a lot. He had a paucity around his belly that a belt could not fit around; it sounds like paunch.

I like the word ennui but it's probably hard for others to get excited about it. It does sound like what it means though. You say it as a sigh. Try it. I bet it makes you yawn.

Two words that I've never liked are astonish and tantalize. There's something about them that makes my tummy do flip-flops. I remember first seeing them in a grade school book, maybe it was Dick and Jane. When my teacher actually said the words I wanted to run out of the classroom screaming. An overreaction of course but I'll bet you have words that creep you out.

Other words that affect me are ones I can't spell. I was a good speller early on and still am but there is one word that always trips me up - ocassion (is that spelled correctly?). I don't know what it is about that word that my brain has blocked but no matter how hard I try to get it right, I can't. Not even ocasionally.