Well, I up and did it. I quit Facebook. Well, almost.

I decided that Facebook has become an ugly place to spend any time except for specific groups or pages that bring pleasure. Unfortunately, the way Facebook is set up you can't be invisible to your Facebook friends and still visit your groups and pages. If I could do that then that's what I'd do.

I am the administrator of one page which I'm wavering on giving up but I am not ready to do that yet. I'll only need to go up there to admin maybe once a week, hopefully, less than that.

I gave notice to my Facebook friends that I was leaving but would like to stay in touch with some people. I gave them the option to PM me so I could give them my contact info and only five people out of 157 asked for my contact info. Granted, some of those 157 friends already have my contact info and we stay in touch through email or text or phone calls. I guess those are real friends.

So Facebook, tah-tah. You could have been so much better than what you turned out to be. I won't miss you at all.