When I was in college I wanted to study architecture and become an architect. So did my mother and in a fit of rebellion, I tossed away the chance.

I now find that I have trouble measuring rooms to make a floor plan. One wall measures out OK then the other but looking at the room described by those measurements, something is off. I've used measuring tapes, rulers, laser rulers, you name it. But I just don't have the knack.

So where in hell have I been? In Windows Hell, that's where. Ever been there?

Let's get this warning out of the way first: if you are a Mac user, I don't want to hear it. I've crashed my share of Macs too.

I decided to upgrade my home-built PC with a couple new components. Well, four actually. Still waiting for UPS on two of them but since I received the other two on Friday I thought I'd go ahead and install those components: the guts of the upgrade.

Would you hire a company with a name that doesn't seem to have a connection with its business?

How about if one of the words in the name seemed to have something to do with the business? Is it boring to have a business name with just your own name or initials plus a suffix word to express what the business is about? Does a business name make you want to do business with that company?

I've been busy updating some websites I run. That's why I've not posted for a while.

Always an excuse for everything.

One of those sites I've been updating is not this one. It's beautiful as it is. Another site isn't ready for prime time but it's getting close. The other site has one more tweak to go, the masthead AKA logo. Although technically it's a masthead. At least to my mind.