So where in hell have I been? In Windows Hell, that's where. Ever been there?

Let's get this warning out of the way first: if you are a Mac user, I don't want to hear it. I've crashed my share of Macs too.

I decided to upgrade my home-built PC with a couple new components. Well, four actually. Still waiting for UPS on two of them but since I received the other two on Friday I thought I'd go ahead and install those components: the guts of the upgrade.

I have built and upgraded more PCs than I can remember. This was going to be an easy hardware upgrade. It took two hours to do the upgrade since I had to pull almost all of the old components: motherboard, memory, cards, drives to install the new components. Two hours is really fast. So the components were in and time to power up. No problems there. Now to actually boot into Windows 7. Uh oh, BSOD (blue screen of death).

I'm sure many of you have encountered the BSOD in your time dealing Windows. What went wrong? Who the frell knows. But it took me two days to recover from it.

After all else failed for trying to get the old image of the PC booted - yes there was a system backup, I'm not that stupid - I had to give up and reinstall Windows and all my applications from scratch. That was stretched over two days with it taking about ten hours, maybe more, I lost track of time - I use a lot of software. I haven't finished installing everything because I'm going to wait until I need it and also want to wait until the remaining components arrive and are installed in case of another disaster.

Now I know you Mac users are dying to make a comment about Macs versus PCs or have been making them in your head while reading about this little adventure. I appreciate your enthusiasm to put me on the 'right' track. Just don't express it. I will appreciate that even more.

Anyone interested in buying a motherboard, CPU and memory sticks to build their own PC? Tech support not included.