This was supposed to be a smooth sailing flight but it’s been bouncy since we hit maximum altitude. Makes for iffy typing. We've been above the clouds the whole time; no scenery on this flight so far.

Caught up on a bit of sleep. Almost every window shade is pulled down. I guess everyone wants to be in a sleep coma.

Another year another cross-country trip.

Unfortunately, I won’t be driving this time and will miss the scenery between home and Pittsburgh, PA. A seven-hour flight, that would take about five hours non-stop, will get me into Pittsburgh about 10:30 pm, Pittsburgh time. Then I pick up my rental car and motor to the first hotel night for a well-deserved rest and revitalization.

Like John Lennon, I imagine a lot of things and don't believe in a lot of things, but I know a universal conspiracy when I'm in one.

I started a cross-country trip from the San Francisco Bay Area taking a semi-southern route eastward and would drive back home to the Bay Area taking a northern route. On the way, either the east or west part of the journey, I planned to stop in Kansas City to see my brother with whom I hadn't talked for seven years. A few days before I left I was told that my 

A great time was had by some on my extended trip back east. I had a great time, Mr. Brother, not so much.

I got to cruise around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Delaware. Mr. Brother got to take care of nine cats, one dog and three goldfishes. In my defense, although I don't think I need one, this trip was another leg of my aborted 2013 cross-country trip. After this trip and my October trip to Minneapolis, I only need to hit some of the southern states. I'll get to Florida at least, this year, but, will have to put the rest on hold.

Was sitting in the hotdog smell infused eating area of my Costco store.

It's better than sitting in steel belted rubber coated stench and nausea-inducing Tire Center. Braca is getting a new set of wheels, actually just tires. When did tires become so expensive? I could have put off the new tires for a few more months but I'm going on a short trip of about 350 miles.

Warning! Car trips that look fast on paper, might turn out to be not so fast in reality.

Driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Walla Walla, Washington, is one of those trips. Eight hundred eighty-eight miles is a long haul. Why didn't I realize that?

On the way to Pittsburgh, I had to go through Phoenix. This flight is jarring.

I won't know until we get to my destination if this flying machine is airworthy. We're being jostled to and fro either from air turbulence or a shaky wing.

I think I don't have a seat back recline button. Are they on the right or left? I should just push this button on my left to see who goes down, me or the next seat person.

I think my latent OCD is kicking in. One of the overhead bins has a ribbon hanging out of it which is making me crazy. If I had scissors I would cut the hanging offender off when no one is looking.

I'm sitting here listening to The Who's Magic Bus and thinking about trying for starting and finishing my cross-country trip.

As you might know and remember, I tried for a trip two years ago. That trip was interrupted by a family emergency in Kansas City and I had to turn around there and come back home. I'm becoming nostalgic about making the trip and want to do it successfully. I had the previous trip planned around visiting my friends that live in other states. A number of them offered me refuge from the road and that was very exciting.

Got the bug to drop everything and take a short trip.

Not sure how long the trip would be so don't know what to pack. Let's see: Thursday or maybe Friday. Whichever day have to wear something comfortable for a long ride. So if Thursday, then have to figure out what would work best to help a friend move out of a house on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.