Did any of you ever experience Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania either by talking to someone from there or being there?

What a treat. There's so much unique about Pittsburgh from the dialect to the food.

A friend of mine took her daughter to check out the University of Pittsburgh and had quite the Pittsburgh experience including such a delight as french fries on a salad with gravy. Unfortunately, she was unable to partake of Isaly's famous chipped ham. If you are a ham lover then this is the Pittsburgh treat for you. Isaly's is also the home of the skyscraper ice cream cone and the inventor of the Klondike bar.

Pittsburgh not only has its own food treats but also is one of the few places in the USA that has such a localized and distinct dialect that it shows up on dialect maps of the USA. People who are familiar with the Pittsburgh dialect can pick out a native in a crowded room.

My favorite dialect experience with my native Pittsburgh was three years ago when a new friend of mine who knew not of my past was able to pick me out as a Pittsburgh native because 35 years prior she had been at a party with people who were from Pittsburgh and had that native dialect. And here I've been thinking I sound like a Californian after living here for more than half my life.