david byrne knee plays

David Byrne's Music for the Knee Plays

Get it, play it, love it. Yeah, Byrne's solo projects post-Talking Heads have been a bit uneven, but he's hit a home run with this one.

Over the music of brass instruments with a New Orleans-like sound, Byrne does not sing but instead speaks his lyrics. Topics range from choosing the right clothes for success, eating the same kind of food that others each so as to become like them - the idea reminds me of Talking Heads' song Seen and Not Seen from their Remain in Light album - and what the future will look like. This CD issue also includes instrumentals from the Knee Plays production.

Official site link.

Over the past few months, while shopping bargain stores, I've noticed that my toes are tapping much more than they used to.

My favorite store for toe-tapping music is IKEA. In the San Francisco Bay Area stores, the music programming is all 80's all the time. I'm in heaven.

It's been a quiet weekend more or less except for that idiot blasting his stereo.

Oh wait! That idiot is me. Good thing my house is adequately insulated. But overall quiet and relaxed and blissfully by myself.

It's hard to fathom being inundated with loud music that I could relax to but there it is.