It's been a quiet weekend more or less except for that idiot blasting his stereo.

Oh wait! That idiot is me. Good thing my house is adequately insulated. But overall quiet and relaxed and blissfully by myself.

It's hard to fathom being inundated with loud music that I could relax to but there it is.

This picture is of the Swedish band Acid House Kings. Sure they look all badass but they create some great pop music. The members of the group are also prolific, as the other bands Club 8 and The Legends. Club 8's music is similar to AHK but The Legends have a slightly harder edge on their most recent releases. You can find their stuff and other excellent Swedish pop at

But I'm not actually blasting AHK or TL or C8, I'm blasting Clinic, "Liverpool's art-punk four-piece band Clinic formed in 1997 out of the ashes of Ade Blackburn and Hartley's previous band, Pure Morning." as stated at All Music Guide.