Over the past few months, while shopping bargain stores, I've noticed that my toes are tapping much more than they used to.

My favorite store for toe-tapping music is IKEA. In the San Francisco Bay Area stores, the music programming is all 80's all the time. I'm in heaven.

Of course, my new music appreciation didn't end with the 80's; I've kept up but have prided myself on finding music that not many people listen to. It's not Top of the Pops, or Billboard, or Grammy dregs (well there is one group I like that was nominated for a Grammy but it was a fluke). The bottom line is that I don't listen to what the hyper-buzz-machine says I should. I listen to what I find off the dial.

Getting back to that extra measure of toe-tapping while shopping in the bargain stores like Marshall's, Ross Dress for Less and even the upscale forever on sale Kohl's, I'm appalled to hear my choice in music being played in these stores. We're talking great pop from Sweden - Acid House Kings, Starlet, Club 8, The Legends; Scotland - Camera Obscura and others. 

But why should I be appalled? Finally, people are hearing the great stuff I listen to. It's the setting though. While Dick and Jane Everyone are shopping for those bargains they aren't really even listening to the music. I swear they aren't. I'm walking through the stores singing along to the tunes but they seem to be oblivious to the music. It's just background noise to them. So yes, I'm appalled but it won't make me stop listening to what I listen to or finding new stuff that won't make it into the 'muzak' channels for a very long time.

I hope.