charlie huston author joe pitt casebooks

I read my first Charlie Huston novel because of someone who gets my fanboy flying.

Though he has written a number of standalone novels, my favorite Huston's are part of a series collectively called The Joe Pitt Casebooks.

Vampyres - crikey, not more vampires, no, vampyres - prowl the dark territories of present-day New York City. They are ruled within clans which run each NYC territory. Joe Pitt is the hero/anti-hero of the books but he's not just a vampyre slayer, he is also a vampyre, and only a vampyre slayer when the need arises like when he needs to save his ass. A cross between a PI and thug-for-hire, Joe's just trying to get by day by day or is it night by night.

The 'Casebooks' include five novels published between 2005 and 2010.

  • Already Dead
  • No Dominion
  • Half the Blood of Brooklyn
  • Every Last Drop
  • My Dead Body

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Zombies are the latest killer fashion

Most of the stories are the same flesh-eating zombie apocalypse with a lot of heads getting in the way of good and evil. I've found two zombie themed novels that break that mold in one way or another.

Warm Bodies by Issac Marion is about a zombie who wants to be human again. While that's not possible given the circumstances of being a zombie and all, he does manage to find brains, love and hope. It might not make him a better man, but it makes him a better zombie.

Breathers: A Zombie's Lament by G. S. Browne follows the life of newly reborn zombie Andy Warner. He's falling apart and not happy about it. With the help of his ZA group, Andy fights for equal zombie rights while secretly consuming the Breathers. Love, loss, comradery, rights... it's all there even if you aren't a breather.